Jesus lived polyamory, since Mary Magdalene, his companion, came from a liberal spiritual group, in which were recruited prostitutes of the time. Jesus respected the Jewish law, which was polyandrous (a lover, several lovers), polygamous, and accepted the divorce. Jesus rose against the rigid rules against love, such as repudiation (unilateral rejection) and adulterous stoning.

Researchers have shown that making love 3 times a week increases the life expectancy of 8 years. Abstinence is as toxic as smoking. And psychologists have shown that people who can live polyamory are more open and fulfilling than average citizens.


All our beliefs of all our civilizations are valid… as long as they bring us happiness. They must be updated otherwise.

We have a lot to learn from beliefs, and by the same token, from the experiences of others.

It is by opening up to the other that one can refine one’s own system of beliefs, the key to happiness.

Beliefs filter reality and give it a rather pink, or rather grey, colouring. Which generates emotions of pleasure or displeasure. Many emotions of pleasure are happiness. And conversely.

Manage our happiness software like OPEN SOURCE software, with regular updates. And we will increase our life expectancy happy and healthy.

Plural truth

Each of us holds a unique piece of the puzzle of truth because his point of view is unique. Nobody will relive a life perfectly identical to his own.

Each conscious being is equal to the others in the universe (animals, plants, souls, etc… included).

Each contributes his unique experience to universal consciousness: how to increase happiness?

Each referee between UNITE (belonging), UNICITE (self-realization, freedom) and PLAISIRS

What makes me happy is good; what hurts you is wrong. Your problem is my problem. My solution is your solution… if you want it?

Power prosperity pleasure peace

Let’s rediscover the pleasure of being together, acting together, going beyond our difficulties collectively, serenely debating and celebrating.

Whether we are neighbours, colleagues, family members, neighbourhoods or citizens of the world.

Let us devote as much energy and time to the love of the object of our relationship (doing well as we do) and the subject of it (in a good mood).

Privilege creative solutions, which satisfy all the needs of all parties, as equals, partial solutions, which satisfy one to the detriment of others.

Let’s prefer cooperation to competition.

Today, the universe produces more wealth than we need. Equity is the best guarantee of security and harmony.


Inspired by Marshall Rosenberg (father of Nonviolent Communication or CNV).

Learn to control your thoughts, and therefore your emotions.

We all have conscious and unconscious « needs ».

The majority of the democratic system, dating from 1789, has only partially satisfied the needs of the population.

This inevitably leads to frustrations, conflicts, discontent, protests, neglect, unease and stress.

Sigmund Freud taught us that opposing conscious and unconscious « needs » will lead to depression and illness.

The principle of CNV is to identify, take into account all our needs, then creatively find solutions that satisfy everyone. This is the best way to combine personal harmony and collective harmony.


Know yourself: Plato; Act: Gandhi.

Satisfy your needs of Unity, Uniqueness (self-realization, freedom) and Pleasures of Life.



Stress causes severe depression in one ¼ of Westerners and shortens life expectancy for half of them.

Learning to think ZEN, is a factor of pleasure, strengthening immunity to disease, saving 105 billion euros for psychiatry in France, or 4% GDP.

Spending 500 euros for a course of personal development / psychotherapy per capita amounts to 35 billion euros. Part of it can be integrated into the school system without additional cost.


Life is not inertia, nor monotony.
Life is not revolution, nor conflict.
Life is EVOLUTION, KAIZEN (gentle and creative evolution).

Consciousness is eternal. All our thoughts are connected to one another through a collective unconscious. Each of our lives is a wave in the ocean of universal consciousness, a unique experience. At our death, the wave merges with the ocean, taking its history and experience into the collective memory. Where after another wave is formed… Consciousness is a continuum. She never stops. Even at rest, we dream. Many people who have been declared clinically dead and then come back to life have testified: their conscience had never stopped.

The purpose of every life, of every conscious being (plant, animal, mineral), is to prepare for another life longer and more fulfilling than the previous.

« The first will be the last »: the power of this life will dominate the next life. Thus, everyone lives equally within the universe.


Turning to the satisfaction of all the needs requires creativity, cooperation, mutual listening and patience.

Eternity will always await you, you will never be forgotten.


The transparency of all financial transactions would save 10% of GDP, and therefore increase by 25% the net income of all French taxpayers.
Transparency is the most effective tool for fighting corruption and inequality.
Today half of the world’s heritage is stored in tax havens, therefore evading tax.

To make all transactions transparent, would:

  • Fight against injustice
  • Fight against corruption and war
  • Sharply increase purchasing power
  • Control policies
  • Detect impostors
  • Open democracy
  • Protect the weakest

A product that costs 1 euro in production is often sold at 10 euros to the consumer. To show transparency on the financial margins of the products, it is to increase the purchasing power for the consumer. Therefore, more will be bought and taxed, increasing the tax revenue.

US military spending has risen from $ 600 billion to $ 700 billion since President Trump came to power. Why not invest these sums in the development of Latin America?


A project to connect Audenge (municipality of Arcachon Bassin) to the forest of Marcheprime


An editorial from the local newspaper quotes:

« Maréchal Benoît, 16 Marz de Cognac, declares to initiate a canal between Marcheprime and the Bassin d’Arcachon.

Indeed, noting:

The influx of tourists on the Bassin is an influx that disrupts the wild nature of the site, its traditional oyster culture and sturgeon egg (Caviar de Biganos), as well as the Park Ornithological Teich, vital for the circulation and survival of migratory birds to Europe. »

There is a strong public demand for spa treatments and water games. Also a rebirth of spirituality in the region, especially in the village of Pruniers (Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhism).

There is a need to prepare humanity for the project of Marz and to rebuild after the damage of the fall of Tower of Babel. The conscious-superconscious mixed civilization of Atlantis, concentrated with healing people, will develop a Noah’s Ark of all living species from Earth to the Promised New Earth, Marz.
To find a new political balance of « People & State » (with citizen co-ownership) by « empowerment ».

A man-animal-nature balance: a concept called “Beautiful Town” or “Country Town”, applying the thoughts of Jain, according to which all conscious beings are equal before the universe. Raymond Devos also believes every man needs fresh air to be happy and will have no need of “no through roads” or “roundabouts” if he no longer uses a petrol driven car.

The need to finance the development of the twenty-second century.

The launch of the New Atlantis project in New Aquitaine for the New Entente Cordiale between all conscious beings of the Universe.

In addition, an underground TGV station, four buildings hosting at their summit a heliport (helicopters propelled by hydrogen, clean fuel), an annex of the City of London, an underground city of pleasure with a dome-Jerusalem religious centre, conference centre, Shinto garden, Buddhist tea pavilions, dolmen, obelisk, spa centres, and Asian massages (Thai, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese), areas reserved for organic farming, semi-extensive breeding of domestic animals, forests partially forbidden to humans, and circulation only provided by animal traction is on the site (bicycle, scooter, cart or horseback). No motorized transportation.

Mr François Hollande (project manager) and Mrs Ségolène Royal (Ambassador of the Poles and New Aliénor of Aquitaine) are present at the ceremony, as well as all the mayors around the Bassin and Bordeaux.

The TROPICAL GREENHOUSE of Marcheprime – The New Atlantis

All species of Earth will require an acclimation in an artificial atmosphere before transfer to Marz. The giant greenhouse will, in cooperation with Siberian greenhouses, develop the human know-how of creation and maintenance of the atmosphere in all climates (and on Marz).

A space research centre is also located in Marcheprime – New Atlantis to prepare the conquest of Marz, in connection with the space centres of all nations.

The Futuroscope of Poitiers, and the Vulcania Center of Auvergne, are assigned an educational task, and are responsible for simulating, for the Great Pleasure of the Public, that will be life on Marz.

The project of Marz has become unavoidable, in order to ensure human development (and another civilization of animals?), while preserving the balance of all the mineral, plant and animal species of the earth, equal and shared benefit of all universal conscious beings.


Screw longer in good health:

Louis Pasteur, the inventor of the vaccine and pioneer in the prevention of diseases, advised drinking a little wine every day. This is the FRENCH PARADOX: protected heart, extended brain memory.

Don’t sulk anymore, enjoy the pleasures of wine!

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